One of our favourite Aussie dog toys

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Posted on September 10 2018

One of our favourite Aussie dog toys, why you should try it.


  • Australian company
  • 100% New Zealand wool
  • Only plant-based dyes
  • Hand-Made
  • Providing sustainable and fair wages to artisans in Nepal
  • Completely Biodegradable

Do these points not sell themselves!?

I first purchased toys from this particular company to try and find ideal toys for our dog packs. I really wanted to find a toy that was soft and cute yet hardy and could sustain some good chewing.

So I tested the toys out on my boys (2 rescue Staffies) to see how durable they are, and I was pleasantly surprised! I purchased our SeaStar back in December 2017, so 8 months ago and its still going strong. Surprising considering my dogs are tough chewers!


Some small bits of wool did come off if they were really persistent, (One tends to bite hard directly down on toys whereas the other tends to chew away at the edges and pulls toys apart) but it really managed to keep its form!

These toys have featured in previous DizzyandLee Packs, and we have had only great feedback about the products and just how much dogs have loved the toys.

I believe the unique texture of the wool (which isn’t commonly seen in dog toys) is super intriguing to dogs, with its soft but firm feel.
The wool is so tightly bonded together that it creates a really strong and quite durable toy. Along with the fantastic points stated above, about these toys supporting and creating jobs for local artisans in Nepal, being biodegradable and only plant-based dyes being used to create these beautiful colours! There really is no better reasons to try these amazing toys out.  

We are happy to be stocking toys from this amazing brand called “EastCoast Pets” online in our store now.
I recommend checking them out, they're super cute and durable as well as environmentally friendly and sustainable!

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